Jekyll - Monkey Pig Dolphin

by No Qualms Records



Where did we come from?
Where are we going?
Are we aliens?
Is this a simulation?
.....hybridised beings on the verge of knowing. Time to break the system,,discover self is not important, listen to the trees, tap into the abundance.

Dedicated to Damala, who with Cal helped me come up with the title 'Moneky Pig Dolphin' (deep rabbithole country,laughing our tits off) and for his never-ending support for my music. Thanks brother and infinite love.


Thanks to everyone,,for all the support. I wanted this release to be free for you all. Any donations would be much appreciated,,,no less work has gone into this release than any other.
More music on the way very soon. Big love,, one mob. :)


released March 3, 2015

Written, produced and mastered by Jekyll

Digital art by Myrko R. Gonzo.




No Qualms Records Melbourne, Australia

No Qualms Records has an aim of exposing the world to the creative talent and tropical vibe of NQ while culturing a unique earthy electronic dance sound with the help of friends from around the globe. If you like our sound and have something to contribute please don't hesitate to contact...thats what its all about...strengthening our collective.
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